How to: Basic Garage door install guide

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garage door install

As the garage door gets old you might think of replacing it with a new one. So, you might think of getting it fixed… some might think of calling a repairman. However, high labor cost is not a hidden concept, and so, you may think of getting it done on your own. But garage door installation is not an easy task and also, you won’t be able to do it alone either. In fact, it’s better to call the professionals, rather than doing it yourself as it’s not safe to do it on your own and you may get injured in doing the job.

Here’s the basic garage door install: how to guide that may help you get the job done.

Change the Old garage door- Mostly it is written on the manufacturer’s instructions about how to replace the old garage door. It basically starts with carefully unlatching the garage door from the pulley and then removing the panels, followed by the unlatching of the track’s screws. Do remove only one at a time, to avoid it all backfiring on you.

After the removal of the door, measure the size followed by  the attachment of lid swings and then the handle. Measure the length and breadth of the door for proper fitting. Try fitting it without the screws, such that it stops at its place for some time. After doing this much, using the saw horse, lay out the bottom piece of the newly bought garage door. Further, attach the hinges and lifting handle to the piece.

Now just set the bottom piece of the garage door into the garage door, hit nails into it and secure its place by slightly bending. Put the other pieces as per the manufacturer’s instruction. Then install the left over panels. Install second on top of first one, hammer the nails within the side jambs. Then install hinges and repeat the process again. Be sure to anchor each one into the jamb.

As soon as all the sections are fitted properly, install the roller in section’s roller support.  As you do this, place the rollers in the assembled track; do take care of the track brackets. Don’t press the roller very tightly against the door during the garage door install as the friction could cause damage to the garage door.

After proper alignment of the vertical track against the jamb, go for installing the horizontal pieces and other curved pieces. Take help of your previous measurement and level to see if the track is straight enough and that they have an angle of 90 degrees between them.

Lastly, as the track have been secured, go for assembling the spring of the garage door as per the manufacturer’s instructions (take the help of a partner), and Lift the door half to make sure the tracks are leveled and also parallel. When you are all set and ready, lift the door to the left distance and then attach the springs and the pulley system to finish the installation.